Dare on Air

© 2016, Drunkless™ and Mindshifters IR™

© 2016, Drunkless™ and Mindshifters IR™

Dare on Air

A dare-challenge presented by Drunkless LIFE: Wandering Podcast, in collaboration with Mindshifters IR, where we take your dare suggestions and put them to practice -- ON THE AIR!

To participate, read the brief guidelines below, and then fill out the Challenge Form.

Let’s have some fun!

Guidelines are very simple:

 1. We'll refuse anything that could jeopardize our recovery in any way. Period.

 2. If it is dangerous or harmful, it is out.

 3. If it can make us sick, hurt us, or kill us, then it falls under rule #2.

 4. It has to be legal (refer to rule #1).

 5. It's gotta be safe (refer to rule #... well, I'm sure you can figure out which number)!

 6. It's gotta be in fun! (see rule #5).

 7. Do you know why 6 is afraid of 7?

 8. It cannot be offensive in any way, shape or form.

10. Rule #62

Some seed-suggestions (as stated on our first podcast doing this challenge):

  • Unlabeled canned food, weird restaurant foods, etc.
  • Polar Bear Dipping (as in, swimming in the winter)
  • Super sour and/or very hot foods

These are just seed-ideas, so go from there.

To enter your suggested dares, fill out the form at the bottom. 

In order for us to consider the challenge, it must adhere to the guidelines above, and if we are to do something specific, it must be clearly stated what it is that you want us to do (and again, must follow the above rules).  If there is any question as to what we're supposed to do, we'll make up the rules before hand.  Submitted instructions may be refused or altered in our discretion based on varying factors, including, but not limited to: time availability, location, assistance on hand, how big a mess it might make, and... well, we're pretty sure there's a whole bunch of excuses!  But seriously, if they are following the above rules, then unless the hosts just simply chicken out -- we'll get to it!

There are three of us on the Wandering Podcast now, so be sure to note which host you're referring to.  Not sure who the hosts are?  I guess you'd better get to listening! :)

More importantly, bear with us as we continue to grow and learn how to fulfill what you want us to do and discuss, and enjoy the topics for what they are.

Now -- what is your dare for us, and how do you want us to do it?

What are we going to call this challenge on air?
Be descriptive so we know what you're wanting us to do. If there is a specific way you'd like to have the challenge done, make it clear.
Please provide a name we can use to identify YOU. If you wish to remain anonymous, leave it blank or type "Anonymous"