A Bit About Us:

I am an alcoholic, an addict.  I am a man, a step-dad, a brother, an uncle, a friend, and a widower. I am a human being with a heart, and a soul.

I got sober on September 21, 2013, about four years and two months after my wife, who was also an alcoholic and a prescription drug addict, passed away while I lay right next to her.

I have had many changes in my life since those days.  Some were terribly tough, some were mildly tough, and some — some were just changes I needed to decide on.  I've made a lot of changes.

And I plan on many more.

I began a personal blog with every intention of self-improvement. I had no idea where this would take me, but the journey has been full, painful, healing, and bursting with growth and various changes.

Amidst those changes was conceived a small, innocent idea -- if people can relate to the sufferings and successes that I've been through, then perhaps they can glean some hope, too.  This would give me purpose, something I desperately needed to begin living, not just sober, but in Recovery.  So I began to open up...

This birthed Drunkless™, a little, personal website, which ignited others and has since grown into a small network of sober people, living in recovery, who have the desire to share their stories in a way that was previously unavailble to them.  In these stories of our experiences, our troubles, and our victories, we create connections with others.  These connections help us share our light, and spread HOPE -- one of the main purposes of Drunkless™.

These pages are about Life (which we happen to live in sobriety), not just the pains of alcoholism or various addictions. These mini-chapters are, in fact, a part of our Recovery and are our therapeutic outlet; a POSITIVE way for us to discover, rediscover, uncover, and release.  They are a brief record of our lives; where we came from and where we're at; what we did and what we do; what we question and what we learn; what we believe and who we trust.  Some of it will be old baggage, some will be current events, and some will be thoughts, ideas, and processes about all of the things we are still trying to achieve.

Here, we will share and discuss all the joys, the confusions, the lessons, the frustrations — and Life.  As such, our perceptions will sometimes alter; what we once felt strongly about, we may later disagree with, wether years from now, or ten seconds after we've posted it.  It's called growth, something we've been doing since we began walking these many, wide paths in Recovery.

But what's paramount is:
We. Are. Free.
We are ALIVE.
We are in Recovery.
And We Are Not Alone.

We are learning to live a life where we can choose.  Where definitions of ourselves are written by us, for us.  It is how we see ourselves, what we believe to be true, what we choose to make real about who we are, and what we stand for.  To be positive, compassionate, spiritual, loving, and full of Life; to simply be.  These are the daily choices we make, the very choices that help us live a Life that is free of alcohol, drugs, or whatever addiction ails us.

If you know us, we ask only one thing of you:
Please do not reveal our true identity, that is for us to do.

Here, we feel we can talk openly, candidly, and without restraint. Our anonymity affords us these things -- please help us keep this luxury if we so choose.

You're welcome to share, comment, and respond to others that join in -- respectfully, of course.

Feel free to join us as we learn to live a Life of Choice; as we learn to live — Drunkless™.

Scott Shepherd

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