When all our choices have seemingly dried up —
there is still one.

Many of us pushed it to the end of the line, where our very existence should no longer be a reality — even so, we've survived.  For those of us, there appears to be no reason we exist — yet here we are, because of a single choice; we decided to not die.  Our thinking has changed, our self-value has been altered, and our decisions have been put into action; we've learned to focus positively on our life, to be alive and to LIVE.

This is by no means a perfect road; the ups and downs can seem unbearable.  But this is how we do it, as imperfect as it is.  It is in this imperfection that we


Drunkless Life

Tami Harper Winn writes it straight from the heart and tells it like it is. Her powerful story has been shared with hundreds during various speaking engagements, and she has been showcased with @recoveryrockstars, as well as @sobergridapp. This last summer, she was given serious consideration for Hippocampus Magazine's Annual Themed Edition “Firsts,” where she made the Short List.
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